Street photography is a real challenge for thephotographer;  one must take into account the lighting at the moment, the “setting” on the street, the people and  what happens in the front and at the same time be attentive to whether something else is happening at the time;  Then the photographer – like a director – chooses the shooting angles, the subject  and the composition and thus gives his personal interpretation of what is happening.
The best way to discover what is hidden from our eyes;  Starting from modern urban cities, through cities and villages that seem frozen in time and remote places, everywhere there is life, customs and fascinating people.
Photographing religious ceremonies is an opening to getting to know different societies, customs, beliefs and values.  In Israel you can find several religions that hold different ceremonies every year;  Jews, Christians, Druze or Muslims – religious ceremonies are an inexhaustible source of photography.
Shooting an ongoing project spanning years;  The projects I chose to document touch personal, national and global points and focus on compassion, inclusion and humanity.

About Me

I was born in 1960 in Jerusalem; I’m married + 2, residing in Tel – Aviv, Israel.
Street Photography attracts me especially for its vividness; the people, the dynamics, the activities, the esthetics, the connections and sensitivities.

I constantly watch – creating scenes in my imagination and waiting for the characters to appear, realizing what is happening at the same time, from different angles and always searching…

Street Photography is not just about catching a random act; that is documentary photography. Street Photography is about searching for that “something” new, something extra that touches your heart.It requires patience, observation and discipline.

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