For more than a decade, Israeli women have helped bring Palestinian women and children to the sea; for most of them, it's the first time in their lives. Soon the joy and laughter are all over.
on March 15 2020 Israel entered the 1st from 3 lockdowns, A documentary of these times.
On October 7th a war started in Israel after Hammas entered civil places in Israel, murdered, raped, abused and kidnapped elder people, women, children and babies, This is a documentary of the destructions, the volontary spirit, the cry of the families of the abductees and the rage of the families who were murdered.
-Larger than Life is an organization that helps children with cancer and their families in several areas, like celebrating Purim when leaving the hospital room is not an option.
One visit to the Jordan Valley created a wonderful friendship between 2 Israeli families and A Palestinian one. Where there is a will there is a way.
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