About Orna Naor

I was born in 1960 in Jerusalem; I’m married + 2, residing in Tel – Aviv, Israel.
Street Photography attracts me especially for its vividness; the people, the dynamics, the activities, the esthetics, the connections and sensitivities.

I constantly watch – creating scenes in my imagination and waiting for the characters to appear, realizing what is happening at the same time, from different angles and always searching…

Street Photography is not just about catching a random act; that is documentary photography. Street Photography is about searching for that “something” new, something extra that touches your heart.It requires patience, observation and discipline. Choosing the frame and composition is the actual processing work in Street Photography.
This is the foundation of the picture.

I try to catch a multi-layered moment of characters and objects, with the hope of creating a new and refreshing view, while observing the “hidden” details and the complexity all at once; facial expressions, gestures, looks, body postures, relations and composition, from different photographic angles that offer a new vision.

A photo is created from new ideas, interpretations and feelings that come together in a crucial moment.

To achieve such photos you need spatial perception, thinking, planning,
practicing and a lot of intuition.
This unique and simultaneous integration creates a crucial moment. It’s the combination of décor, people, animals, textures, colors and shadow/light exposure that makes random photography become fascinating photography.

Street Photography is a lifestyle; going out and taking pictures non-stop. It’s almost an addiction; it requires vigilance, curiosity, an esthetic sense, planning and thinking, experience and most importantly – love; to create a fresh frame. For me, it all begins and ends in celebrating life; everything that is clicked through a frame – feelings, textures, gestures, colors – for all its layers – is my way of transferring my love for life.

In 2015 I started working at Allon Kira photography school
Click here to visit my page at Allon Kira website.

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